Gold Buddha Painting in 5 Pieces

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✔ A zen gift filled with well-being

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Contemplate this 5-piece Buddha Painting portraying the meditating Buddhist deity!

Hanging this delightful artwork in your home or apartment will bring a breeze of well-being and serenity to your everyday life. If you are a meditation or yoga enthusiast, you can also place this canvas in your dedicated room to accompany you during your sessions.

Available in multiple sizes, you can choose the one that best matches your interior decor style.

Featuring exceptional details, this canvas can withstand any weather conditions and does not fade in sunlight or under UV exposure. It does not require UV protection, ensuring long-term durability and requiring no maintenance to stay beautiful.

  • Print: High-quality cotton canvas for a "painted canvas" look
  • Carefully crafted and precise details
  • UV-resistant and fade-resistant
  • Durable over time, no fading
  • Dimensions: Multiple sizes available (S, M, L, XL)
  • FREE STANDARD SHIPPING: Reinforced packaging before delivery

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