Large Black Buddha Head

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Immerse yourself in a Atmosphere of Tranquility with our Striking Black Buddha Head!

Create a space of calm and spirituality in your interior with our Black Buddha Head. This captivating decorative piece, imbued with serenity and mystery, pays homage to the rich and sacred heritage of Buddhism. It will add an aura of harmony and peace to your home, transforming each room into a sanctuary of relaxation.

Whether you are a Buddhism enthusiast or simply looking for a unique and inspiring decorative element, this Buddha head is a perfect choice. Two dimensions are available, allowing you to choose the size that best suits your space.

Designed with great attention to detail, each sculpture is meticulously hand-painted, making it a truly unique work of art. It is easy to maintain, allowing you to enjoy its beauty without any additional effort.

Add a touch of spirituality to your space with this impressive Black Buddha Head!

  • Material: Natural resin
  • Carefully crafted and detailed
  • Hand-sculpted and painted by our artisans
  • Easy to maintain
  • Dimensions: L 15 cm x H 20 cm / L 20 cm x H 30 cm

Collections : Buddha Head , Buddhism Statues

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