Kesa Clothing Worn by Buddhist Monks

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Looking to make a purchase to wear the traditional attire worn by Buddhist Monks?

This orange garment, commonly known as a "kesa" or "saffron robe" due to its color, is a must-have if you're a follower of Buddhist culture. Don't hesitate anymore!

Whether you're a priest, nun, yogi, or Buddha devotee, Buddhist monk clothing is an essential item for everyone. This clothing set will keep you warm and comfortable while you practice your meditation or simply indulge in your hobby.

  • Material: Polyester
  • Anti-Friction: Maximum comfort, ultra-soft and very comfortable fabric
  • Good Quality: Durable over time
  • Washing: 40°C (for long-lasting preservation)
  • Sizes: Several sizes available

Don't forget to refer to the Size Guide! The kesa tends to run small, so we recommend choosing 1 size up for added safety.

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