Dark Black Buddhist Bracelet

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✔ A zen gift filled with well-being

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This Dark Black Buddhist Bracelet has a nice appearance and a certain elegance thanks to its gems!

Made up of onyx and lava stones, these natural beads provide comfort and security. With its wooden blocks and natural stones, this lot offers the refinement sought by so many men.

The lava stone and the black onyx stone form a surprising duo, and their combination provides many virtues. Together, they promote endurance and concentration, and help you fight against sadness.

By wearing jewelry with these stones, they contribute to improving your sense of responsibility.

  • Bracelet made of natural stone beads
  • Details are carefully made and precise
  • Bracelet size: 19 cm
  • Stones: Black Onyx and Lava Stone

Collections : Buddhism Jewelry , Buddhist Bracelet , Mala Bracelet

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