Large Buddha Sticker with Tree of Life

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Indulge in this stunning Tree of Life Sticker, also known as the Bodhi Tree Sticker!

Did you know that it was under this Tree that Buddha attained enlightenment? In Buddhism, it is referred to as the Bodhi Tree. This sacred tree represents wisdom, strength, and compassion.

  • Material: High-quality vinyl (transparent background)
  • Easy and fast application
  • Durable: Doesn't peel off and colors do not fade
  • Adheres to all surfaces
  • Dust-resistant and washable with water (waterproof)
  • Dimensions: Various sizes available
  • FREE Standard Shipping

Meaning of the Tree of Life:

The tree is considered a sacred symbol, carrying significant meanings in religious and spiritual philosophies. Although the Tree of Life symbolizes many different things, there are common themes it represents in various cultures.

Connection to Everything: The tree of life generally represents the interconnection of everything in the universe. It symbolizes unity and reminds us that we are never alone or isolated, but connected to the world. The roots of the tree of life dig deep and spread into the earth, accepting nourishment from Mother Earth, while its branches rise toward the sky, accepting energy from the sun and moon.

Ancestry, Family, and Fertility: The symbol of the tree of life also represents the connection to family and ancestors. The tree of life has a complex network of branches that represents how a family grows and develops over generations. It also symbolizes fertility as it always finds a way to continue growing, through seeds or new shoots, and it is lush and green, signifying vitality.

Growth and Strength: The tree is a universal symbol of strength and growth as it stands tall and strong all around the world. They extend their roots deep into the ground to blend and stabilize. Trees can withstand the most violent storms, which is why they are such an important symbol of strength. The tree of life represents growth, as the tree starts as a delicate sapling and grows over a long period to become a giant, strong tree. The tree grows upward and outward, representing how a person strengthens and increases their knowledge and experiences throughout their life.

Individuality: The tree of life symbolizes a person's individuality as trees are all unique, with branches growing in different places and directions. It symbolizes a person's personal growth to become a unique human being, as different experiences shape them into who they are. Over time, trees acquire more unique features, branches break, new ones grow, and time takes its toll, but the tree remains strong and sturdy. It is a metaphor for how people grow and change throughout their lives and how their unique experiences shape and strengthen their individuality.

Immortality and Rebirth: The tree of life is a symbol of rebirth, as trees shed their leaves and appear dead in winter, but new buds emerge, and fresh leaves unfold in spring. This represents the beginning of a new life and a fresh start. The tree of life also symbolizes immortality, as even though the tree ages, it creates seeds that carry its essence, so it continues to live through new shoots.

Peace: Trees have always evoked a sense of calm and peace. Therefore, it's not surprising that the tree of life is also a symbol of tranquility and relaxation. Trees have a soothing presence as they stand tall and still while their leaves sway in the breeze. The tree of life reminds us of the unique and calming feeling that trees provide.

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