Buddha Lamp with Yin Yang Symbol

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Admire this elegant Yin Yang Lamp, a symbol of harmony and balance for your interior!

Draw inspiration from Buddhist principles and cultivate the balance between your body and mind with this magnificent Yin Yang Lamp. Representing the famous symbol of opposing and complementary forces that govern the world, this lamp will be a true asset to your interior decoration.

Available in 7 different colors, this Yin Yang Lamp will bring a touch of light and positive energy to your living space. It will perfectly adapt to your existing decor while adding a soothing and relaxing ambiance to your environment.

Crafted in acrylic and plastic, this lamp combines quality and aesthetics. With its 17 cm height (including base), it will easily find its place in your interior, whether it's a living room, bedroom, or meditation space.

Change colors according to your desires or mood by simply pressing the button on the base. Enjoy a harmonious and balanced atmosphere with this Yin Yang Lamp.

  • Material: Acrylic and Plastic
  • Transparent Yin Yang lamp (ignore the background in the photos)
  • Change colors by pressing the button on the base
  • Voltage: 36 V
  • Power: 0-5 W
  • Height: 17 cm (including base)
  • Battery Charging: USB cable (included)
  • Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, White

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